Dixiana Music, Nashville 

Aaron Tippin

Giving Back

The Blue Ridge High School fundraiser is a CD compiled as a benefit for the high school of country star Aaron Tippin, songwriter Wanda Land, producer/ musician Phil Lister and engineer/ musician Mark Lister with singer/ songwriter and former teacher/coach Joe Bruce.

Mark Lister, Phil Lister, Aaron Tippin, Wanda Land, Joe Bruce

Additional photos of the Blue Ridge High School project are in this album on Facebook.
Country star Aaron Tippin was last into the studio for the recording of the Giving Back CD, a fundraiser for Blue Ridge High, South Carolina.

These songs are an example of how two different recording studios can work well together.

1. The tracks (music) were recorded at Dixiana. 

2. Aaron then finished vocals at his own studio.

3. Then the mixing and mastering was done at Dixiana Studio.

Here's the finished product on Aaron's three songs.

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