Dixiana Music, Nashville 
Can't Sing?

For Those Who Can Write
but Can NOT Sing...

No problem. Professional demo singers are available so your songs sound fabulous.

Donny Sawyer

Donny, who has sung on professional demo recordings at Dixiana, represented Dixiana during CMA week 2010. He just signed in July 2011 with 1010 Records. We are ecstatic for him.

Studio Rental
The studio is available for rental for the songwriters with producing talent. One of favorite songwriters who takes advantage of this service is Bill Lord.
Dixiana Demo Singers Have Their Own Music Careers

Our studio uses the best available singers in Nashville who also sing on demos. Les Reynolds, a songwriter from Alaska, took advantage of this service at Dixiana.

Donny Sawyer 
was a demo singer on several of Les' songs. Recognized Gospel singer, Stephen Hill, also demo'd on the same album. 
Les uses his demos in the contests at his charity: Sing for the Children

Linda Davis is another professional singer who has demo'd songs at Dixiana.

What Can a Professional Singer Do For You?

You judge. Please listen to the before and after.
Songwriter submission (before):    The Lord is Our Father
Professional Demo (after, sung by Stephen Hill): 
                                        The Lord is our Father

This song was written and submitted by songwriter Les Reynolds. We heard the potential and Les committed to professioanl demos.

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