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George Lucas

George Lucas Performing During CMA Week 2010 and 2011 with Chazz Kramer

His local paper, the Tribune Democrat in Johnstown, PA printed an article about George's first CMA week performance.

George wrote both the music and lyrics for 9-1-1... and I ask you, How could you not want to be one of them? ENJOY!
George and Chazz playing the Stevie Ray Vaughn's classic, "Pride and Joy" on The Bridge at The Renaissance Hotel during CMA week.
Mark Lister, George Lucas, and Phil Lister performing together on The Bridge during CMA 2011.

Chazz and George at Swank's Lounge at the Doubletree for CMA week.

Country music artist George Lucas from Windber, Pennsylvania is recognized as a local DJ and performer. He and his band have been performing in PA, MD and WV for over a decade.

He arrived in Nashville to record three songs for a demo album. The reflective tone of I Didn't Ask and Teardrop Texas is well captured by George in these recordings. His style of the perpetual male/female distraction in She Don't Fight Fair will bring a listener into their own personal thoughts...

She Don't Fight Fair
 written by Terry Brown

I Didn't Ask (She Didn't Say)
written by Terry Brown and Tommy Connors

Teardrop Texas
written by Reese Wilson, Van Stephenson and Tony Mantin

Visit George's website: www.georgecountry.com

Follow him on Facebook: GLucas64
Follow him on Twitter: @GLucas64

Professional video of 9-1-1
words and music by George Lucas

Recorded live, when the George Lucas Band was performing Chris LeDoux's "Little Long-Haired Outlaw" during the opening for Brooks & Dunn on March 8, 2006 in Johnstown, PA!

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