Dixiana Music, Nashville 

Meg Hahn

This three-song project was recorded as a artist’s demo package showcasing Meg's vocal style. These powerful songs were chosen carefully and are a strong representation of Meg’s radiant and rare style. She’s an outgoing and fun individualist who defies the mundane and ordinary. But when she needs a little escape she’ll get lost in a good book. Meg knows what she wants in life and she attracts friends and fans who follow her.

Though she has a destination, Meg Hahn is intrigued with every step along the way of life’s journey. She’s boots and jeans, bold and deep, with a natural glow that’s crowned by caramel blond hair and emerald eyes. She’s independent and ruff around the edges, encompassing all the hues that add to her unconventional charm.

It’s a colorful world when this stylist paints you a picture with a song.

Meg had colorful childhood of aspirations and dreams and at 13 years old she brought them to life as she sang on stage at a Jr. High Variety Show. Her Mother was inspired with the response from the audience and arranged to sign Meg with the Chris Ridge Performance Company. With direction Meg gained experience from voice lessons and performing at State and County Fairs and area venues. Meg has had a variety of stage experience. With each round of applause she grew more confident and energized.

For over a decade, she’s been a hometown headliner at the Founders Days festivities in Wilton, Iowa. Meg has also been featured on the All American Pass TV show, the Washington County Fair stage show and Loretta Lynn’s Talent Search in Tennessee. She’s entertained for the popular Colgate Country Showdown with a performance call back, plus sang her way to a rematch at the “Nashville Star” TV audition in Chicago. When Meg won $1,200 of studio recording time in a Chart Buster contest it then gave her a chance to tune her talent. Recently, she has been one of the artists representing the Dixiana Showcase during Country Music Association week in Nashville in June.

Meg and her husband Jason moved to Tennessee in 2006, the perfect place to continue her musical journey. They now reside in Portland and it feels much like the small town atmosphere she grew up in.

Music is a big part of the petite Meg Hahn. She has always loved a mixture of music, but a favorite is Garth Brooks. Now living close to Nashville, the arena for discovery, she was in search of someone to help take her ambitions to the next level. Meeting with the recognized producer Phil Lister and established engineer Mark Lister generated an interest. The Lister brothers have rightfully earned their multi-musical credits from years of riding the National charts and gathered a large fan base while fronting the popular group “Dixiana”. Phil and Mark own Dixiana Music Inc, which consists of publishing, production and the Dixiana Recording Studio on legendary Music Row. Their experience and expertise help sculpt the dreams of promising artists like Meg.

Kaleidoscope of Vibrant Colors
and Boundless Beauty

Meg Hahn was born in Muscatine, Iowa but enjoyed growing up in Wilton with the small town feel of rural America. Her father, Herb, is a truck driver and they’ve remained very close, though her parents were divorced when she was just a baby. With that change in their lives her mother, Beth, became her protector and best friend. In time Beth remarried, and soon Meg shared the adventures of an extended family with her brother Ryan. She lost her Mother in 2007 and now keeps the memories safe in her heart.
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