Dixiana Music, Nashville 

Pro Recording Difference

Listen for the difference

This acoustic version  was sent into Dixiana by Alaskan songwriter Les Reynolds. 
He has graciously allowed us to use this as a before/after demo.

BEFORE the Professional Demo
Our Lord is Our Father
(songwriter submission)

The professional demo version of the same song was sung by recognized Gospel singer Stephen Hill at Dixiana Studio.

Professional Demo
Our Lord is Our Father
(done at Dixiana)

Just think for a minute on how a professional demo recording could make your song sound....

Are you smiling?

Getting excited?

Let's do it.
Music Professionals Listen to Professional Recordings

So you've written a good song, and you recorded it with a few friends and your computer, then posted it on a few websites and now have your fingers crossed that it will catapult to the attention of music professionals. Sorry to tell you the truth, but it won't. The music industry is flooded with recordings.

Enhance your chances of having the full attention of the people who can select your song. Yes, it's an investment But compare it to the investment of going to a job interview. Sure you can wear your new best shorts and flips flops and show up. However your chances of making the short list for a second interview will be enhanced if you dress professionally.

A professional recording is dressing your song professionally.
A professional recording is your first step to a serious career - either full or part time - in the music industry.

Phil Lister Speaking About Songwriters and Singers and Recording Professionally
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