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As a singer/songwriter, you have a few options...
You need to decide if a professional demo fulfills your needs or if your talents are better served with a professional mastered recording. Both sound professional, however...

Songwriters who want to sell their songs either as singles or an album really should choose a professional recording. Time is spent on the mixing and mastering. The final mix is good for airplay. Your songs are embedded with ISRC codes for tracking purposes.

A professional demo captures the essence of your song. It allows the public and the music industry to hear your songs. These demos can be sold either digitally or by a physical CD.

We offer services of a professional song plugger and inclusion in one of catalogs.

Defining a 
Professional Recording

Everything should be in tune:
vocals, instruments.
You need to have professional musicians playing.

The mix should be balanced.

Professional Mastered Recordings

Singer/songwriter Merritt Whitley was an active performer for CMA week 2011, representing Dixiana Studio throughout the week.

Landslide, one of Merritt's originals, recorded at Dixiana Studio, is the first track of Merritt's CD:

This video of Landslide was recorded live at Swanks Lounge, Nashville during CMA week.

Merritt was a state competitor and a local winner from Kansas City for the Texaco Showdown.
Professional Song Demos

Joe Rice is a singer/songwriter from Pickens, South Carolina. We helped Joe with his website: 
www.joericemusic.com .

The studio recordings of his song demos are available for purchase in our studio store. Mechanical licenses of his songs are also available, allowing other artists to record them.

Joe has represented Dixiana Studio for 2 years by performing throughout CMA week, held annually in Nashville. He also performs locally. 

This is a friend's recording of two of his originals Rough Around the Edges and Music & You captured while performing for a local benefit in SC.
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