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“A song is so much more than poetry. It starts with an idea, an emotion, a need to express…,” says veteran songwriter Phil Lister. Phil was a professional songwriter for the publisher Acuff Rose during the 90s. Phil has had many of his songs recorded but the song, “Leaving is Easy When Loving is Hard,” recorded by international recording artist Daniel O’Donnell still generates royalty checks.

“I know when his special has aired on PBS as a royalty check follows,” Phil says smiling.

That sense of pride and a royalty payment for an appreciated song are recognized among established, new and hopeful songwriters.

The songwriting community is a camaraderie of sorts. Much gets shared between individuals at songwriter nights. With increased internet use, the ability to collaborate via video conferencing has become a reality. For years, Phil Lister has offered his skills to the many songwriters who record at Dixiana studio. It may be tweaking a tune, or changing a phrase; maybe exploiting the hook line or reviewing the rhymes. His experience and success at songwriting has given him the insights needed to take a song idea or a developing song and solidify it into song worthy of recording.

Will it be a hit? The potential is always there but the reality is very few songs become hits. Will you be proud of it? Well, you should be. You will have co-written with a professional songwriter who receives royalty checks., who knows how to format songs and turn phrases.

You can choose to co-write with Phil Lister in person or via video conferencing. An average song can usually be written in two 3 hour sessions. Dependent on the development of your song, it may take less or more time. Hit songs have been written in 20 minutes.

After the song is written, you may choose to have it recorded. If you don’t sing, we can provide singers for your demo. Your song could then be placed in the store for sales, and/or the catalog for others to cut.

If you’re interested in booking Phil as your songwriter consultant, please reach him directly: phil@dixiana.com

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