Dixiana Music, Nashville 

Tracking Option

Want that Nashville sound?

Without you coming to Nashville, we can help you get “the Nashville sound” on your recordings. We have incredible musicians at our fingertips: session players and members of stars’ bands can be hired for a track recording or all of your instrumental work. Most of our session players have done their dues on the road with national stars. They have the spontaneity that comes with live performance play and they have the discipline for consistency needed in studio recordings.

This professionalism and sound is very affordable. As each individual instrument is recorded on its own track, we can enhance your recording with professional sound.

Whether you need keyboard, acoustic guitar, bass, electric guitar, dobro, steel guitars, unique licks, country chicken pickin', mandolin, or drums, we have a musician who will record some inspiring tracks in YOUR music style for your song.

How do you do this?

You need to send us a mix of your project without the instrumental you want us to do. (Example, if you want us to do the keyboard, send your mix without the keyboard.)
Send us a scratch track and we’ll redo all the instrumentals for you. 

With either option:
    1- Your recording
 should be a mp3 file at 192kbps. 
    2- Your project must be synced to a click track. (Must have a steady tempo.) 
    3- You will need to bounce your mix exactly two bars before the start of the song and you will need to put a click bar in there. 
    4- Send some reference tracks of the sound you are looking for. If you’re asking us to do the drumming, you can send us in a separate file the drum loops you've programmed to instead of a song for reference.

Our Equipment List

We have 8 separate microphones on the drums creating 8 individual tracks on drums: 1 mic on the bass drum, 1 mic on the snare, 1 mic on the 1st tom, 1 mic on the 2nd tom, 1 mic on the 3rd tom, 1 mic on the hihat cymbals, 1 mic on the overhead crash cymbal left, and 1 mic on the overhead crash cymbal right. Each of these 8 mics are on separate tracks so we can turn them up or down individually. We can also "process " them individually by adding reverb or delay or some other effect to one without effecting another. For instance, you might want a lot of reverb or effect on the snare drum but you wouldn't want any on the hi-hat cymbals. With individual tracks you can do that.
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